DRMtoday Onboard: Offline DRM licensing

Facing challenges with offline digital rights management (DRM)? You’ll save time and money getting your video streaming service off the ground with our secure solution.

DRMtoday Onboard is the offline server version of our popular DRMtoday service. We’ve engineered it to easily license content at low cost for in-flight entertainment (IFE) as well as buses, trains, cruise ships, and ferries.

Passenger entertainment system protection

Who needs internet?

DRMtoday Onboard secures video in on-prem local host environments, areas without web access, or where keys need to be stored locally.

Tiny hardware footprint

Minimal server specs

Our software has a tiny footprint where existing or low-cost server tech can often be used.

Fast track to multi-DRM

All aboard! We support multiple DRM systems for your content to safely reach the widest range of devices.

Google Widevine
Microsoft PlayReady
Apple FairPlay Streaming

Forget about managing multiple servers: each DRM flavor sits comfortably on a single machine for quick deployment and reduced maintenance.

Seriously secure

Studios require hardware protection for HD, UHD, and HDR content. To offer these exciting experiences, our software works with security and server architecture.

  • Trusted Platform Modules (TPM)
  • Intel® Software Guard Extensions (SGX)
  • Whitebox technology
  • And more!
Studio recognized protection

Studios? Approved!

Tilt your seat back and relax: all of our DRM systems meet strict content owner security requirements.

Airline Passenger Experience Association

APEX 0415 compliance

For IFE, our tech steers you through this next-gen spec. We’re active APEX 0415 contributors to enable UHD and HDR media for the height of passenger delight.

Lufthansa Systems
Just some of the popular passenger systems using DRMtoday Onboard

Switch your content keys to autopilot

Dynamic generation

DRMtoday Onboard lets you safely and automatically create licenses at playback without worrying about key syncing. Need to load a movie last-minute? No problem: just upload your media and nothing else. That’s less work for your workflow!

Database loading

Keys can also be generated traditionally per-title during fileset packaging and loaded onboard via network or physical transfer.

Expert assistance

Need a little extra help? Our crew can attend to your tricky technical challenges. We’ll help you navigate the APEX 0415 spec, studio content approval, and hardware/software integrations.

Playback possibilities

Our solution works with seat-back screens or bring-your-own-device (BYOD) trips. Stream across Android and iOS/iPadOS devices as well as Windows and macOS laptops for customer convenience.

Playback screens

Onboard players

Need powerful player tech? Check out our PRESTOplay SDKs to create dazzling app-less browser players or native app playback experiences.

We can also help you protect content with forensic watermarking.
Hybrid cloud options are also available if you need online DRM in your workflow.
Hybrid cloud option
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