Unified Streaming

We’ve partnered with Unified Streaming to enable comprehensive digital rights management (DRM) protection when streaming on-demand or live video content.

Unified Streaming Platform

Unified Streaming is a leading provider of cross-platform video-streaming technologies. The ease of use and reliability of their solutions allow customers to shorten their time-to-market. They provide streaming from one encode simultaneously to multiple players and devices. This enables companies to reduce delivery cost significantly and boost time to market in order to address a broader audience.

Unified Streaming dynamically encrypts and packages content with Common Encryption (CENC) into MPEG-DASH, Smooth Streaming, or HLS adaptive streaming formats. We work with Unified Streaming by providing DRM system licenses via our DRMtoday service as well as offering compatible browser and iOS/Android SDK playback technology. This allows Unified Streaming customers to deliver secured video content to their end-users over a wide array of platforms and devices.

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If you plan on using Unified Streaming for content delivery, then our video players and DRMtoday service can help you securely reach audiences with your valuable content. Contact us today if you’d like to begin offering DRM protected streaming.

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