Microsoft PlayReady DRM

We’ve partnered with Microsoft® PlayReady® to provide licensing for their studio-trusted digital rights management (DRM) solution to enable protected video playback across a large array of platforms and devices.

Microsoft PlayReady
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Passenger entertainment

We also provide DRM for IFE, passenger entertainment, and offline environments.


PlayReady is an industry leading media protection technology used to protect digital video assets for secure delivery and playback. It plays an essential part in a number of our OTT products and services:

  • Our multid-DRM technology delivers PlayReady licenses to multi-screen streaming providers, and their customers, worldwide.
  • PlayReady is a central component for many of our PRESTOplay video player SDKs.
  • Our Video Toolkit content processing service encrypts VOD file-sets for secure playback using Common Encryption supported DRM systems such as PlayReady.

Supported Encryption

Our DRMtoday service features PlayReady version 4 to support both AESCTR and AESCBC encryption modes. This allows you to unlock the potential of Common Encryption (CENC) by streaming a single protected file-set across multiple devices. Our service also supports the PlayReady SL3000 security level for hardware protection.

Supported Content

ABR streaming video formats that can be used with PlayReady include MPEG-DASH, CMAF, HLS, and Smooth Streaming.

Supported Platforms

As a Microsoft technology, PlayReady is used with Microsoft products and services, but also many third-party devices. Examples of popular platforms featuring support include:

  • Microsoft Edge browser
  • Chromecast
  • Android TV
  • Silverlight
  • Internet Explorer 11 browser
    (on Windows 8.1+)
  • Xbox One / 360
  • PlayStation 4
  • Amazon Fire TV
  • Roku
  • Smart TVs
    (Example: Samsung & LG)
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