Google Widevine

We’ve partnered with Google Widevine to provide licensing for their digital rights management (DRM) solution to enable protected video playback across multiple platforms and devices.

Certified Widevine Implementation Partner

Widevine provides digital media solutions for the delivery of digital entertainment to consumer devices. Widevine’s DRM solution enables service providers to secure high quality video and audio. Today, millions of consumers enjoy digital entertainment secured and optimized by Widevine on retail consumer electronics devices from all major consumer brands.

Widevine is available in two versions: Classic and Modular. Widevine Classic is a proprietary DRM scheme from Google used for live, on-demand, and downloaded content. It requires content to be packaged in a specific ‘Widevine Classic’ format. Widevine Modular is its successor, supporting open standards such as Common Encryption and MPEG-DASH.

DRMtoday by castLabs

Our DRM Licensing Service

If you’re interested in using Widevine with your service, we can help. Our multi-DRM licensing service, DRMtoday, supports both Widevine Modular and Classic versions as well as other DRM systems.

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