FairPlay Streaming

We provide licensing for the FairPlay Streaming digital rights management (DRM) system to enable protected video playback across Apple devices.

FairPlay Streaming Solution with castLabs

If you’re a video service provider looking to distribute DRM-encrypted content to customers over Apple devices, we can help. We’ve put in the ground work to get the FairPlay Streaming workflow component up and running for you as part of our DRMtoday service.

DRMtoday provides licensing solutions allowing you to easily protect, monetize, and deliver premium content with studio-recognized DRM protection.

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Multi-region: Scalable & Reliable

Our licensing solution runs across Amazon Web Services infrastructure allowing you to scale quickly based on your needs. Utilizing multi-region data centers around the world, DRMtoday operates as a CDN for license key delivery ensuring reliably low latency as well as solid redundancy.

Simple Workflow Integration

DRMtoday works with your existing delivery infrastructure with straightforward integration to get you up and running fast. Our solution is also compatible with industry-leading streaming services and technologies.

Workflow integration
DRMtoday dashboard

Online Dashboard

Our user-friendly frontend includes comprehensive functionality allowing you to easily configure, manage, and monitor your licensing activity.

Content Protection Expertise

We’ve been working with DRM licensing since 2007. With castLabs, you gain peace of mind knowing that you’re being provided content protection from a team of highly experienced professionals. Our DRM specialists are here to ensure your implementation is streamlined and straightforward.

DRM protection expertise


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