We’ve partnered with DTS to add industry leading sound technology to our products for the high quality audio experiences that users expect.


Since 1993, DTS, Inc. (Nasdaq: DTSI) has been dedicated to making the world sound better. Through its pioneering audio solutions for mobile devices, home theater systems, cinema and beyond, DTS provides incredibly high-quality, immersive and engaging audio experiences to listeners everywhere. DTS technology is integrated in more than two billion devices globally, and the world’s leading video and music streaming services are increasingly choosing DTS to deliver premium sound to their listeners’ network-connected devices.

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DTS Headphone:X

DTS Headphone:X

Our PRESTOplay SDK for Android was the first to feature DTS Headphone:X™, an innovative surround sound technology from DTS as a software solution for delivering superior audio experiences across mobile devices.

DTS Headphone:X is an advanced audio technology that turns an ordinary pair of headphones into an immersive, personalized virtual surround sound system for mobile devices. The technology supports stereo, 5.1, 7.1, and 11.1 multi-channel audio, offering flexibility within the full spectrum of channel formats.

In addition to enabling fully immersive surround sound via headphones on mobile devices, the DTS Headphone:X technology also includes several unique customization features:

  • Personalization, which allows users to create unique listening profiles based on their personal listening preferences;
  • The DTS Headphone:X Headphone Tuning program enables headphone manufactures to optimize their headphones to ensure that any content played back using their headphone gives the best possible audio experience on the player;
  • Room modeling which simulates the acoustic characteristics of the original mixing studio.

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