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We’re uniquely positioned to help cable, satellite, and telco operators extend their infrastructure life as well as branch out with linear and VOD streaming technology.

For broadcasters, we don’t do it all, but we instead focus on modern cost cutting opportunities, fast time to market, meeting rights requirements, and enabling hybrid DVB/IPTV & OTT deployment.

Broadcast, multicast, and OTT video delivery

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Low cost Widevine CAS

Widevine CAS secured Android TV

Google’s Widevine Conditional Access System (CAS) is a commercial game changer for the broadcast industry allowing Android TV set-top boxes to serve your PayTV content.

What does that mean for you?

  • Replace your traditional CAS with a lower-cost alternative
  • No device royalties, proprietary middleware, or smart cards

As a principal member of Widevine’s Third Party Labs (3PL) partner program, we’ve been trusted to provide dedicated end-to-end Widevine CAS support for operator integrations of any size.

Key management

Easy entitlement

Take advantage of our world-class key management and content licensing cloud service.

DRMtoday for Widevine CAS
Android TV player

Secure playback

Create rich STB apps with our Widevine CAS enabled player and reduce reliance on firmware updates using our configurable DVB stack.

PRESTOplay for Android
Widevine CAS compatible ECMG

Plug-and-play ECMG

Benefit from our compatible ECMG with Google backend pre-integration, available online or on-prem.

Expert technical support

Superior support

We’re here to lend our deep expertise to help you overcome any delivery challenge.

Fast savings: Our Widevine CAS approach

We’ll help you to get up and running as easily as possible!

  • Significantly reduce STB integration costs
  • Speed up time to market by months
  • Avoid vendor lock-in
  • Keep your current infrastructure
  • Managed service with 24/7 support
  • Achieve OEM/SoC-independent app-based player deployment

Our close relationship with every SoC vendor supporting Widevine CAS ensures smooth compatibility across OEM devices.


Introduce OTT & DVB/IPTV workflows

Whether you’re looking at pure OTT or establishing hybrid DVB/IPTV service, our solutions help you master delivery.

Cross-platform players

Power to the player

Your service needs playback that’s as good as your content. Our PRESTOplay tech lets you quickly deliver leading app experiences to delight your audience.

Learn more about PRESTOplay
  • Simplify development with a single DVB/IPTV & OTT Android TV player supporting DRM and Widevine CAS
  • Added broadcast-feel features: Fast channel zapping, ultra-low latency, live catchup, and much more
  • Pre-integrated QoE, analytics, and ad-insertion solutions
  • Reach a wide range of extra OTT platforms
DRM security

Streaming security

On top of Widevine CAS, our DRMtoday licensing service offers a hybrid license endpoint for multi-DRM live and VOD stream protection across all screens.

Discover DRMtoday
Cloud processing

Cloud conversion

Our Video Toolkit service transforms your stellar content into VOD assets cost effectively. Encode, package, and watermark lightning fast in a secure cloud environment.

Learn about Video Toolkit

Expertise at your service

Our team of video scientists are on-demand to consult for unique use cases and custom engineering to help you achieve your streaming vision.

Whether you need assistance with STB hardware playback, OTT compliant streams, ultra-low latency, or content security best practices – we’re here for you!

Here’s where we come into play

castLabs hybrid broadcast & OTT workflow
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