DRM Technology

Different platforms support different digital rights management (DRM) systems. To ensure your video content is compatible with all modern devices, we implement all leading DRM technologies.


Each system listed is part of our cloud-based DRM service, DRMtoday, which acts as a license server for content playback. Visit our DRMtoday site for more information on our comprehensive licensing service.


Our multi-screen player SDK technology also easily integrates with DRM protection, and works seamlessly with the Common Encryption (CENC) standard.

Google Widevine

Google Widevine

We support both Classic and Modular Widevine versions. Widevine Classic is the initial version of Google’s DRM scheme used for on-demand and downloaded content. Widevine Modular is an updated version with support for live streaming, MPEG-DASH, and Common Encryption (CENC).

FairPlay Streaming

FairPlay Streaming by Apple

FairPlay Streaming is Apple’s DRM system used to secure video content for delivery across their devices and services including iPhone, iPad, Apple TV, and HTTP Live Streaming (HLS).

Due to policy requirements from Apple, you will need to apply for a certificate directly with the company for their DRM systems to become available to you.



The Content Management License Administrator (CMLA) Open Mobile Alliance (OMA) system was developed for use with mobile devices. It is used as part of our PRESTOplay SDKs for Android and iOS.

DRM comparison

DRM Comparison

To learn more about platform and device support for these DRM systems, please view a comparison table on our microsite DRMtoday.com.

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