UltraViolet Retailer Proxy API

Getting into the UltraViolet market is easier than you think. Discover our leading integration solution for retailers and content providers who wish to access the industry standard ecosystem with minimal effort.


If you’re looking to incorporate UltraViolet service into your entertainment offer, we can help.

Our Retailer Proxy API handles all of the interactions between your infrastructure and the UltraViolet coordinator and Common Redemption systems.



The UltraViolet coordinator API can be difficult to work with. There’s no need to navigate through pages of support documentation. With our straightforward step-by-step set-up we’ve simplified everything for you.



We provide the shortest route possible for offering UltraViolet functionality. The groundwork has been built for you enabling you to get up and running fast. With minimal development, it’s even possible to integrate in a day.



With our API, you bypass the unnecessary work of sifting through extensive UltraViolet documentation and avoid having to modify too much code. Spending less time getting set-up saves you money, and allows you to offer UltraViolet service at the lowest cost.

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What is UltraViolet?

UltraViolet is the industry standard for digital video ownership designed to bring physical media into the online world. As the successor to Blu-ray, it offers flexibility in how consumers collect and watch video entertainment. No discs are needed; consumer purchases are stored in the cloud allowing them to enjoy their favorite movies and TV shows from multiple devices and platforms.

UltraViolet was developed by the Digital Entertainment Content Ecosystem (DECE), a consortium of film studios, device manufacturers, retailers, systems integrators, and digital content distribution vendors. We have been helping to form the UltraViolet environment as contributing member of the DECE since 2011.