Our secure cloud service, DRMtoday, lets you rapidly adopt all major digital rights management (DRM) systems without the stress. Let us handle your video-on-demand and live protection so you can focus on getting content to market.



DRMtoday allows you to support all major DRM systems at once from a single and convenient online source. We actively assess the DRM industry, and will include support for additional systems as they become prominent. DRMtoday also fully supports the Common Encryption (CENC) standard.

Google Widevine
Modular & Classic
Microsoft PlayReady
Adobe Access


Different devices support different DRM systems. To reach the largest audience you will need to publish with multiple rights technologies. We do it all for you. Our service allows your protected videos to run on all modern devices ensuring maximum reach.



Traditionally, licensing and integrating even a single DRM system on your own drains time and resources. With our cloud service, all leading DRMs are already set-up and ready for you to use saving you time and money. Along with our quick integration process, this means you can get your content to market fast.


Encoding Options

All encoding can also be done via our cloud-based service. Don’t want to transfer your unencrypted files online? Not a problem- we also provide an in-house encoding package for your convenience.

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