DASH.as Player

We’ve developed an MPEG-DASH player for Flash. Written in Adobe ActionScript, DASH.as runs DASH video on platforms supporting Adobe Flash. It is available in two versions: as an open-source project and a professional application.


DASH.as Open-source

We have released an open-source version of DASH.as hosted as a GitHub project. Everything you need to get started is provided and you are invited to help refine the application. The open-source version of DASH.as is an extension for Open Source Media Framework (OSMF) and released under the Mozilla Public License 2.0.

Please install Adobe Flash Player.

DASH Everywhere

Professional Version

While we supply a basic DASH.as player for free, we also provide a professional version with a number of added features including HTML5 playback. We call this player DASH Everywhere. It includes support for DRM protection via our DRMtoday service and is available as a video.js plugin instead of relying on OSMF.

Learn about DASH Everywhere