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castLabs pioneers software and cloud-services for digital video markets worldwide. We provide solutions to easily enable the distribution of movie, TV, and other video assets across multiple platforms.

Our range of applications and services are designed to help organizations through the complexities of implementing new technology for high-quality video experiences. They are targeted at businesses who wish to securely deliver premium video content over a large selection of consumer devices.

We have been operating since 2007 and have offices in Berlin and Los Angeles.


Experts in Video Delivery

We have an international workforce focused on simplifying digital video delivery for you. Having our roots in the mobile TV market, we have grown with the industry to specialize in video players, multi-DRM licensing, and encoding/packaging.

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Membership Organizations

We are members of a number of industry organizations and international standardization bodies to help support the future of digital video delivery.

UltraViolet Alliance
Since 2011
DASH Industry Forum
Since 2012
SMPTE: Society of Motion Picture & Television Engineers
Since 2014
Airline Passenger Experience Association (APEX)
Since 2016
Consumer Technology Association Member
Since 2016
Web Application Video Ecosystem
Since 2016